Genetics - Genomics

Screening of Turkish ALS cases for previously defined ALS genes

Impact of new genes and loci on ALS development
:: Investigation of repeat expansions in Turkish ALS cases
     - ATXN2, collaboration with Dr. Georg Auburger lab, Goethe University
     - C9ORF72, collaboration with Dr. Peter Andersen lab, Umea University

Identification of new ALS genes using next generation genomic technologies
:: GWAS in Turkish sALS patients
     - SNP, HT and CNV analyses
:: Exomic and whole-genome sequencing of Turkish fALS patients
     - Detection of DIPs and SNVs

Collaborations with the labs of Dr. Robert H. Brown, UMass; Dr. Murat Gunel, Yale University; Dr. Peter Andersen, Umea University; Dr. Hilmi Özçelik, University of Toronto