Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

As a powerful research laboratory supported by the Turkish Government, distinguished Boğaziçi University and prestigious Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation, NDAL aims to dissect the mechanisms behind neurodegenerative disorders through research on a global scale

:: by facilitating access to cutting edge technologies via multidisciplinary and international collaborative projects

:: with a well-designed laboratory infrastructure, a dedicated team and a rich scientific environment

As the only reference laboratory for the molecular diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders in Turkey, NDAL functions as a hub in establishing a country-wide network between laboratory scientists, clinicians and family associations

:: to access a huge amount of patient material excelling/complementing neuroscience research

:: to enhance awareness of neurodegenerative diseases in Turkey

:: to improve patients' and families’ quality of life

Our Vision

Promoting excellence in

:: neuroscience research to unravel the complexity of the nervous system

:: training of the next generation neuroscience researchers

:: molecular diagnoses of complex neurological diseases

:: translating research findings into new treatments to bring hope and opportunity to affected individuals, whose number is drastically increasing in the aging world

Our Values

:: Pioneer in neurodegenerative disease research

:: Professional and sustainable

:: Creative and innovative

:: Well-structured team work

:: International collaborations